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Sunday, June 17, 2012

What Can A Traditional Shaman Do For You?

What Can  a Traditional Shaman Do For You?

In ancient times, a traditional shaman was hired by a tribe or community to help restore health, to ward off evil, to defend the people from attack by enemies, to bring good weather, to birth or bury and in general to keep that tribe or community in line with abundance and prosperity in every way. If the Shaman did a good job and was successful at this, the tribe would reward that Shaman with the best dwelling, the best clothes, the best food, a high ranking of honor and more. If the Shaman that was hired did not do all this very well, he was thrown out of the community and had no food, no dwelling, no honor and certainly would not find work with any other tribe or community either.  So nobody would dare pretend to be a Shaman. It was a difficult and risky job and only a very few were able to withstand the years of apprenticeship with elder Shamans to learn how to do these things successfully. In fact it was not even a job that anyone wanted to have. The odds of being killed if you could not bring peace and healing and good weather were very high indeed. When a whole community depends on you to keep them healthy and then someone gets sick, your life would be on the line. Young people today should realize that calling yourself a Shaman means you are able to do these things for a community and is not just a comic book title with no responsibility at all.  Shamanism is not faith healing.  Shamanism is not just about journeying either. 

Shaman Elder Maggie has spent 58 years learning how to bring healing, good weather, abundance and protection to people. But today, communities no longer hire Shamans. So Shaman Elder Maggie has to work for individuals hoping to find her own livelihood and sustenance from her successful work on their behalf case by case, much like an independent contractor or counselor would. So what are some of the things that Shaman Elder Maggie can do for a person? 

- teach you how to remove fear based thinking and come into alignment with your higher self.

- show you how to find your purpose.

- bring you all kinds of abundance as long as your intentions are in alignment with Creators intentions for you. 

- teach you impeccability.

- align the forces of your reality to bring you health. ( Sometimes this requires a dialogue to produce.)

- create a strong connection for you between you and your Source. 

- help you enjoy your job, or if you are looking for work she can help you behind the scenes to find a job that you will love. 

- help you in your relationships with those people in your life. 

Here is what some people have written about the help they got from Shaman Elder Maggie:

“You are in some way, connecting me to something deep within myself, a stirring passion, need, or just maybe my power, but I feel it is more than that. Anyhow, I am deeply grateful, I am starting to open my eyes.”

“I am grateful for you and all the work we have done together.   I am grateful I can see, grateful I now know I am deserving of only loving happy helpful vibrant energies in my life.  Worry is removed and replace with the peace of knowing WHO I AM!”

“Thank you for all that you do behind the scenes to provide healing to me.  My life has improved dramatically- even from 2 months ago.”

“I must say that following your course in the past few months has been life-changing for me.  For the first time since my twenties I don't have constant anxiety, I am off my medication and I am balancing myself - this is truly wonderful.  Thank you!”

“I must tell you, when my brother was fighting cancer I wrote to you and asked if you could help him and you said yes and you sent him a medicine bag.  He has carried the medicine bag with him everyday since he received it and he has been cancer free ever since.”

“I am thankful to you the guides and Creator for turning my life around completely from hard to easy.  I will practice making my life easier for the rest of my life!”

“I just found out I got the job! I start Monday. I cannot tell you how life can change in an instant when you are happy and love yourself! It pays 2 dollars more an hour! Thank you.”

“My doctor was completely amazed today.  I went for my yearly physical.  I told him I'm off all my meds.  My blood pressure is 120/80, and I'm not a nervous wreck anymore.  He kept asking me, "Are you SURE you're not on any meds.  You seem much calmer now -- more in control."  That's because of you. “

You can tell a good Shaman by what his or her clients have to say about them. Their deeds tell the truth.
How does Shaman Maggie do these things for people? Primarily through her courses as she teaches each student individually and they get that chance to really work with her to benefit their lives. The courses provide unlimited dialogue by email and through these emails the student shares his or her life with Shaman Maggie who then works behind the scenes shamanically for their benefit. Also she offers counseling by phone call and that too is a way to discuss problems and issues that Shaman Maggie can then work to improve for that person. Shaman Maggie also offers free email counseling to anyone at all. 

Shaman Elder Maggie is a Traditional Shaman seriously dedicated to the energetic upliftment of the world and feels that this happens one person at a time. She is in love with humanity and does this not for herself but for your sake. She wants to see you standing fully in your own power, enjoying this adventure called life. You can hire her to work for you and your life and she can produce those achievements for you as the old Shamans did.
You can learn how to contact her or sign up for her counseling or courses at

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