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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stressed Worried? A solution is here now.

As a Traditional Shaman, the role of Shaman Maggie is the same as all Shamans of ancient times; to protect people, to nurture people, to bring healing to people, to spiritually feed people, to support people, to defend people. And in these chaotic times of 2012 we are all beginning to see the effects of what has been predicted for 2012 through the ages.  Shaman Maggie is not a prophet but is here to help people and guide people and keep people safe during this year as the winds of chaos are stirring and rising and in what will eventually become a storm of chaos and hazards. 

She recognizes her responsibility to the people of this earth and is providing a shelter from the storm for anyone who wants that kind of powerful traditional shamanic protection and defense that she has spent 55 years learning to master as her own family elders have taught her to do. She feels that this is her mission, why she is alive at this time in history, to help each person find safety and protection and to learn how to manage their lives individually to sail through this stormy year of global change and uncertainly in safety.  She stated,” Any True Shaman responds to the needs of the people in all ways, financially, emotionally, spiritually. My job is to offer healing and protection to all who are feeling the stress and anxiety now blowing into the world like a giant wind storm. It’s not a question of whether the predictors were right about  2012; it’s about how well will you survive the storm.”

Shaman Elder Maggie is offering free email correspondence and guidance to anyone who would like her help to overcome fear, worry, frustration and would like to take advantage of the kind of protection that the Shamans who taught her could bring to their own communities. She is establishing a community for you energetically, an actual energetic place where you can feel safe and find some peace from the howling winds that you are feeling in your life right now. She offers this for FREE. You can receive her blessings and positive influence in your personal life right now by going to

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