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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Groping in the Dark

How many people say they are seeking the Light! And no doubt they are sincere; they have understood that it is better to be in the Light than in darkness. But they want a light that demands no effort, and they never pause to do any in-depth work. They go from one book to another, from one spiritual teacher to another – that is what they call seeking the Light.

And now that new spiritual movements are continually appearing and there are attempts to revive the initiations of the past with new ‘initiations’ joining them, people will continue to shop around. Yes, they wander around, drift about, always missing what could help them. And so, in spite of seeking the Light, they arrive at the end of their life still groping in the dark.

My shaman grandmother taught that it is better to pick one path and follow it diligently to its end no matter what. All spiritual paths lead to the same destination.

I am offering you the opportunity to learn about the path that my shaman grandmother traveled and that I have traveled for over 55 years. 
 I am thrilled to let you know that we now have available an Introduction to Traditional Shamanism course for those who do not want to commit to an apprenticeship but want to understand what Traditional Shamanism is and learn a few of the tools and skills that my ancestors practiced and my own Shaman Grandmother taught to me. Each lesson consists of a short teaching and a skill to practice. You can read more about it here

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