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Friday, June 15, 2012

Hope Is Not Enough: 2012 Predictions

When its the middle of the night , and the wind is screaming through the rigging at 45 knots, and the boat is keeled over 30 degrees, and the seas are running high against you, and water is breaking on deck, and you are all alone... and there is white water and black death on the lee shore... and everything is confusion, and noise, and icy fear that approaches absolute terror... and you feel that the possibility of death is no longer remote, but very real...., and very near....

Then, you have best know what you are doing,

Hope, will not take you off that boat.

Please receive my blessings for your life at this time when the changes of 2012 are starting to make your life speed up and you find yourself so busy that you are not taking time to take care of yourself and control your life very well anymore. Here we see the first signs of the prophecies of 2012 coming true!  I can teach you how to master your ship in this time of high winds and future storms so you can safely sail to your dreams and achievements without sinking your boat. The times- they are a changing! Let me help you prepare as my ancestors and elders, the Traditional Shamans knew how to do, as I know how to do.  Aho _ I speak my truth.

"What I do, I do for you, not for myself. I am already dead." to become an apprentice under Shaman Maggie's mentorship. Three ways to benefit now. Read more here.

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