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Monday, January 16, 2012

What I Teach- The Path of Traditional Shamanism

The path of traditional shamanism is not for those who simply wish to be psychic and channel spirits. The path of Traditional shamanism will blind those who value their egos, destroy those who are faint of heart, and taint the souls of those who learn these tools and skills for selfish gains. So know this, everyone who takes up a walk on this path will not ever be able to turn back. Once wisdom is unfolded it changes your life forever. Once you step on this path you either ascend or descend. Only a person who takes himself seriously can control himself. This course is only the beginning of a lifetime of work, some call The Great Work or Walking upon the Tao. This is the path of the adept, the student on his way to enlightenment. I am not out to mislead anyone into believing my way or my beliefs. I am teaching you in as easy a way as I can, things that I was taught by my teachers and my elders, thing have not been taught to anyone else on this planet, things handed down in secrecy only by word of mouth through twenty generations. Things so powerful that they can kill or raise from the dead. I teach you by setting up a specific shamanic experience for you and then you can decide to take this tool or skill and work hard to perfect it within yourself, or not. But beware that these tools and skills are powerful and dangerous and if you do not follow the instructions to the letter or try to twist or distort the tools and skills in any way they will back fire and cause a myriad of pain and confusion and hurt for you and others. So I ask you to be responsible as a student here and to follow the instructions and to do the practices exactly as they are laid out for you clearly in each lesson. Do not progress to the next lessons until we have mastered the previous one. None of these tools are meant to be practiced on your own. It is too easy to get yourself hurt if you just read and try the lesson without mentorship.

We are all shining stars, unique in ourselves. There is infinite space for all things to exists, it is only us, who need to see that which is here to see that you have not seen before.
All things come from the elements, be it in their purest state or combinations thereof. To my ancestors there are four elements, fire earth air and water. These four, make up all physically manifested creations. It is through coming to know them and seeing their essence as the very Essence of Creator, that we come to know and see their symbolic and archetypical formation of thought that empower us to use their virtues and abolish their vices within us. We are unique in that we have the ability and the will to use all created energies conceivable to man and as we evolve further and open up our minds and hearts more and more we will come to be opened up to even more energies. One of the many beliefs of my ancestors in regards to why more subtle energies are not readily available to the common person is that those energies would come to be abused, and in that, create an imbalance in the etheric planes which would unleash unforeseeable karmic repercussions. And I believe that is exactly what we are seeing in the world today.

One of the first veils laid over our minds is that of the flesh, which traps us into believing that we are only the flesh, only some chemicals mixing together creating all that we know as life. The veil is that we take this as the whole truth, and not just part of the truth. All that is needed to push past this veil is to push our conscious perspective just one more inch and in that inch we will start to see the other side of the stick, by honing our inner senses. It is true that it is not easy, in fact if it were easy, most would have already come to do it. Our present day society not only blocks us from this ability but even kills those who teach it.

But you can learn to walk this path even as you continue with your daily life. You can hold a 40 hour job and do the chores and raise the kids and walk the dogs and also walk this path transforming yourself into a better person, slowly starting to control your life, and then coming into control of your surroundings. You will start to relax, your time will be more yours for enjoyment, you will no longer be haunted by thoughts of work when you are not at work nor of home when you are not at home. You will find yourself more and more present to the now moment. You will find the light and joy in your job no matter what you do and you will leave behind the thoughts of those things you never did enjoy. You will become more conscious of yourself and breathe easier and feel that you have finally become captain of your ship. It will not be easy at first, to work and practice to gain mastery of these ancient tools and skills. Yet in doing these exercises and practices you will come to understand, and then believe from your own personal experience, that my ancestors have spoken of throughout the centuries.
You will come to stand in your power through the proper use of your will, you will burn with the fires any impurities that hold you down. Bu using your emotions you will dream the dreams, flying upon the astral waters of life. By your intellect, and your thoughts, you can soar higher than any bird, and with your strength and patience, you can be as the mountains, which stand the tests of time. By coming to know yourself on this path, you can do many things unbelievable to the common person, and in that I hope you will change the world for the better.

Divinity lies within you and it only takes a moment to realize this, and be enlightened. By building your foundations with the elements, by purifying yourself of non benefitting beliefs and ego centered action, and by planting the seeds of ancients truths as experienced by you in this course you will build that temple within you and while you work to transcend each plane you will eventually reach enlightenment. That if anything else, is what I desire for you. Anything less, is pointless.

At first it is hard to walk this path for in most cases we desire the outcome without having to actually work for it. There is also the problem of wanting to reach past our present levels trying to grasp the energies above us, without having conquered the ones we presently have. It is in not having mastered our present energies and learning who to work with them in a balanced way in our lives, that often times gets us in trouble. It is blind ignorance to step into something without at least having prepared for it.  If our temples are built on sandy ground, a day will come when it will sink out from under us. Yet if we build our foundations upon rock, and abolish all rot within, there will never be a fear of it falling down around us. For no adversity, nor evil, can attach itself to something which has nothing for evil to grow from.

Too many students have failed to see their mistakes, until it was almost too late, and then in their despair they had to go through unneeded misery to correct mistakes, that otherwise could have been avoided. Your path has to be perfection , no less, yet so very much more. If you take this course seriously, and do the work honestly and work with your mentor daily, you are guaranteed that you will be glad you did. Know this, with the knowledge of the Self, comes the knowledge of the World. So we will question your beliefs, your traditions, your view points and analyze yourself because maybe those things you hold on to so dearly are not even applicable to your present state of being at all. You already know that it is truly hard to say who you are or what you should believe in, when everything is constantly changing.  Experience everything but get attached to nothing.

This course is the simplest format I can create for you, in an otherwise complex and confusing work that has not been written down by anyone before. I have been faithful to the letter with the teachings of my Shaman Grandmother and her elders and our family lineage. Do not look for these teachings in any other work that is being taught today. Do  not try to combine them with other teachings in any way. No one outside of our own family has had the privilege of learning this path till now. Stop searching for other examples in other teachings. And please know that I recognize myself as a servant, not a master of Humanity, while I am the master and not the servant of my own body. For although the student is to be humble in life, they need to be strong willed and ruthless upon their path, for there is no room for weaknesses , nor feebleness, on entering into this dojo, this school, this path. If at any time I find that you are not strong enough to hold up your shield and practice with your classmates I will pause your studies immediately. If you cannot keep up then you become a detriment to all.  I am sure you can see this is true. You have an obligation here to study hard and master each lesson and work with your mentor very closely.

Each of us has a purpose. What that purpose is, only the Self can know. Sometimes it takes having to go through many trials in order that we might come to see our path, and in that, gaining strength to walk it. This is my path, hard, dry , scary, lonely but beautiful. I learned what it would take for me to become an adept, as well as what could happen if I were to stray from the Light. I tell you these things not so you will repeat them, but so that you might come to see what I have gone through. For it might give you comfort and guidance do always do the right thing.

“For no darkness nor sickness may enter unto one’s soul as long as the Light shines within thee. “

Now beware, for one of the hardest things in the way of this path is the rooting out of all non benefitting beliefs, thoughts emotions dreams and memories. There will be times of great loneliness and feelings of despair, always remember, to ground yourself in whatever way you can. For we are all in transition, when in learning how to hold still, those things that have always moved you into action will come to move away on their own. Analyze yourself, your thoughts and feelings and dreams. See what each thought or feeling is worth, come to know its roots.  You might come to be disgusted by your thoughts over time, do not judge, just learn the roots of your thoughts and let them go. In time it will become easy and you will find that you can hold on to one thought for as long as you desire. From there you can move into no thought. Do you realize that you fool yourself into believing  you have no control over your thoughts? That is a lie! And you are to become balanced in mind body and spirit. Then when you slowly come out of this pit that you have dug for yourself, you will come to see the flowers growing within. We are not born evil , bad, nor sick in the soul, for it is in our programming that we come to believe it is true. We are good loving beings; we only need to deprogram ourselves to realize it. We are who we are.

Without a strong healthy body the mind cannot be healthy and strong. You can tell how another is by the fruits of their labors. If someone is constantly sick or disturbed in some way, there is something inside that is likewise disturbed and sick. As within so without.  If you have dis-ease in you, we must do the remedial work to remove that dis-ease so that you can train in this warriorship to hold up the Light of Creator in this world of darkness.  Do you understand?
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