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Sunday, October 9, 2011

What Is Karma in Traditional Shamanism

The Law of Karma

Traditional  Shamans know that all of creation was created

from the very Breath of Creator. In the beginning was the

word. A spoken word , spoken with breath. Spoken with the

breath of Creator, the very Essence of Creator. So all

things are  considered Divine in Essence and manifest into

physical form. All four elements are the very Essence of

Creator . So everything created from those four elements

of fire water air and earth are manifested forms of the

very Essence of Creator. So metal objects and trees and

chairs and buses and pencils are all created of the very

Essence of Creator. And The Essence of Creator is not

dead, it is not inert, it is not lifeless. Do you think

that Creator would use Creators’ own Essence to create

something and then leave it lying there dead? Not at all!

So everything created of the four elements which are the

breath of Creator are alive, living, sentient, thinking,

feeling , having a life experience of their own here with

us. And these sentient beings in their millions of

manifest forms become manifest because Creator wants to

give us a physical life experience to recognize Creator

more fully. So that we can recognize the Essence of

Creator in that chair, in that tree, in that stone, all

those manifest forms of the very Essence of Creator. And

these manifest forms around us that Creator created, are

here to nurture us and support us and protect us and

nourish us and even pleasure us! And they do so willingly

because they are happy to be manifesting the intention of

Creator for us! Isn’t it a shame that we cannot be happy

doing our mission here on earth as well as that stone is

or that tree is or that cow is? The reason we don’t is

because we have egos and that stone does not have an ego

separating it from Creator.

Earth Mother, with all her creatures and things is

considered sacred to the Traditional Shaman. With this

understanding you can see that it would be impossible to

live without interfacing and affecting other living

sentient beings around you. Every action, every word  you

speak has some consequence on the entire universe.

Although it is impossible to  live in this world without

affecting someone or something, the Traditional Shaman

walks this path while trying not to create unnecessary

infringements on the other Sentient beings that Creator

created and put here around us.

This is a universal law of non infringement. It says that

everything you do has a consequence. Some people call this

karma, everything you do produces good karma or bad karma

depending on whether your thought, word or act benefits

the sentient beings around you or infringes upon their own

free will and harms them. If you don’t take responsibility

for the consequences of your thoughts word and actions

then fate steps in and does it for you without any

kindness or love or feeling of any kind. Fate then takes

over and you are given back the results of your choices to

the same degree as you affected the world around you. Fate

will simply bring back to you what you sent out. And so it

is not God who punishes you , it is not bad luck that

causes your misfortune. It is not other people who cause

you to be angry or frustrated. It is the consequences of

what you have already put out into the world coming back

to you  to the same degree that you have created yourself.

There is also a beautiful teaching in this idea that

divine retribution is the interaction between destiny,

fate and consequence and that is that every single thing

you do to improve yourself, to grow spiritually, to raise

yourself to a higher level of awareness and connection

with the Essence of Creator personally, also raises up the

entire universe to the same degree! So everything you do

to make yourself a better person also makes this world a

better place for all of us! And this is what a true healer

is. Someone who works on healing him or herself knowing

that every improvement he or she makes within oneself

helps to heal everyone else. If you want to call yourself

a healer, this is what to do. It’s not about healing

others. It’s about healing yourself as the universal law

says: as within, so without, as above, so below. The law

of karma.

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