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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Traditonal Shaman Warrior has no place for Irritation

 A Warning Against  Irritation
From my guides:
"Irritation-discern its harm-not only personally but throughout the cosmos. This worm, hiding behind a smile and politeness, ceaselessly tunnels through your energy. Its harm undermines all your work. When like a blood clot, irritation closes the ear, can you then hear? When irriation clouds the eye, can you then see?When irritation falls like a theater curtain over your conscious awareness, no good can be performed. Fatigue and irritation make it impossible to be a good warrior for the Light.

If you feel irritation take another perspective immediately. think to yourself "Oh, how beautiful everything is!" Use the 180 practice I have taught you to eliminate the weight of irritation from your life altogether for your horse cannot carry you  and also the weight of irritation. You will not even reach the battlefield as long as you are preoccupied with irritation. It is a tool used by the enemy to keep you hobbled and unable to join the battle. In fact your irritation can injure your fellow warriors standing at your side before the battle even begins. Do you see the harm that irritation causes?

But is a good warrior entertaining irritation as he sees the enemy troops advancing on a field of war where soon this warrior will offer his or her very life? Do you think that irritation over the poor fit of his armor or the gnawing hunger in his stomach is on the mind of this warrior? Then why do you entertain irritation when you are also standing on the edge of a great war that will soon enough pull you into its fray?

Whether you consider yourself preparing to be a hero for others in this war as I teach in my course, or you see yourself only  as a lowly peasant residing in a little village myopically believing nothing is going on,  this invasion of chaos will rip apart your peace and threaten your life. Can you afford irriation even as the enemy rides towards your home?

I teach Traditional Shamanism which is energetic warriorship. The time for studying warriorship is over once the war begins and either you will have learned how to defend yourself like a hero and shine the Light of Truth and Love so you can survive anything, or you  will be defenseless against the chaos coming soon. Sign up today because the enemy is approaching fast. Http://
Shaman Elder Maggie

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