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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Are You Doing With Your Energy?

I have been thinking about how people walk around here not even aware of what they doing with their energy. Some people just walk around completely naked energetically somehow believing that nothing is out there to harm them. And then they find bill collectors and enemies coming from all directions physically and wonder why. 

Some people believe that they are in control of everything in their lives and then when they find that they are being assaulted by outside sources because they have been manipulating everything around them, they are surprised and shocked and irritated and angry. 

Some people believe that they have no power and they go around making things happen around them without realizing their power and they wonder why things are happening to them when they believe they have only hid in the mouse hole all this time. They have been affecting the world from that mouse hole just as much as if they were out here with the rest of us! 

The power that the human being wields is strong and dangerous for sure.
To be alive here means that you are wielding this power, every time you make a choice, every time you have a thought every time you intend something. To do this and still believe that you are not affecting yourself , others or the world is simply stupid. 

I am watching a man who believes he can walk in this world like nothing at all would ever affect him personally. He thinks he is immune to the currents of the world because he does not try to use his power deliberately. He thinks he is a tourist here and that nothing will touch him because he has no conscious intentions other than to be a tourist. But to be a human being here already means that you are wielding energy. And this man is seeing his marriage fail, his job suffer, his health is failing, his happiness is shot out the window. He still thinks he is not causing any of these things to happen. I have offered him the bubble of protection and he has refused it because he believes he is not interacting with any energies. 

Do you know people like this?

Shaman Elder Maggie 

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  1. Hi Shaman Maggie
    Thank you so much for this informative blog, I have a great respect for Shamanism and what you have said really resonates with me. I know a great many people who do not use their energy productively and worse still do not actually recognize that they have the energy to use productively. Nature and the power of the universe is so valuable and precious and we should nurture and respect it. I am a Tibetan Buddhist scholar and practitioner and so many times I work with inner energy in order to heal my clients. Its amazing how our energy when used positively and in a focused way can heal the spirit far quicker than any western medical methods. Again thank you so much for your beautiful work. Maybe you can check mine out.
    Thank you once again Julie x


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