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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Current you Are Not Using

There is a current in this river of life, placed there by Creator and if we allow ourselves to find that flow and go with that flow all good things can be ours.

It is you and your thoughts who deny that current and try to fight with that current and that causes you pain and trouble. 

Your  thought, your ignorant blind belief, that Creator would not care for you enough to put that current into your life,
that is the thought that is causing you harm.

And the opposite of that is the thirst,
the striving,
the desire 
to get yourself into that current.

I know you have felt this current of Creator’s  at times in your life.
 It is there and you know it. 
So why don’t you pursue it?
You know what it feels like when you are in it.
Get to that place again and let that current carry you along into the future.
But you will not be able to observe it at all 
if you are obsessively caught in
the web of your thoughts.

Shaman Elder Maggie

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  1. "The force controls our actions, yet, also obeys our commands."-Yoda


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