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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coercion by Outside Sources

The definition of insanity is continuing to hold on to a belief that does not benefit you at all. 

Look at your beliefs!

Make a list of what you believe and why you choose to believe that.

See what it is that is causing you to suffer.

It is your own non benfitting beliefs that are causign you to suffer and struggle. I can help you through this process if you want. Just email me.

I find that so many people want to tell us what we should do 
and in the end- they lead us wrong. 

Or people try to force me to make the choices that they would make
and those choices do not actually work at all in my own life.

I would rather make 10 bad choices on my own than to let someone else steer me into a bad choice. Wouldn't you? 

That is why I am here, offering you these online courses that teach you the real  truth as our ancestors knew the truth, so that you can make your own choices standing in your own power. 

It is information you need, not outside direction or worse- coercion.

Aho ( I speak my truth)

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