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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Power of Thought

I teach people how to control their energy so as not to obstruct their paths with thought projections from past days. Do you realize that even an accidental thought can disturb your ability to achieve your desires for months or years? How many accidental and uniftting thoughts have you created in your life? Do  you see the relationship between negative thoughts and the negativity in your reality? Do you see that you probably caused yourself to wind up where you are today? You did this either by positive controlled thinking to be super rich and happy or by negative thoughts to be depressed, stressed and victimized.
Yes the power of your thoughts really is THAT POWERFUL!

Every action you do is an indestructible acquisition ( it is in your reality forever after).

Knowing this – are you sure you want to make the choice to do that action?

I offer my students practices to not only rid themselves of the effects of past negative thoughts but to create a super happy today for themselves!
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