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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Whoever has heard the music of the spheres as I have, even one time, will understand the earthly imperfections caused by the present conditions of humanity. As you become more and more aware of the differences between the spiritual Beauty  of the Cosmos and the conditions of earthly reality, you may experience attacks of anguish which are unavoidable. Fight consciously against these attacks. Become a a warrior first within yourself. This is what I teach at

I really want to give you the knwoledge to live this life in power and deliberate intention. I choose to give my life in service to you , to teach you the ancient ways of my own family lineage that have never been written down before today. The old ways were based on truth and it is this truth I offer you in my online course.

Whre there is fear, self pity, conceit, passitivity, avoidance of duty, lack of generosity, irresponsibility- there you find a false spirituality. Beware of those teachers who possess these characteristics. Beware of soothsayers and mediums and fortune tellers who display these qualities. Please, please protect yourself at  least.

Those who venture into the astral world without an understanding of spiritual ascent must know how responsible they are for the polluting of energetic space.  Please be careful! It is not only you in danger here but your children and your children's children as well.
Many of the hereditary diseases are caused by this same pollution. Look at the amount of hereditary diseases found in the families of psychics, mediums and fortune tellers. Let that be your proof of how they are affected by the pollution they create.

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