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Monday, January 30, 2012

How to create with energy

The Traditional Shaman is aware of where the spark of creation is located. The Shaman is cognizant of the need for phi ratio in all things that would be created or sustained. The Shaman knows how to co-create within the center of the void a new thought form, a new energy form that will travel forever in the Golden Mean Spiral and as its vibratory frequencies gradually become slower and slower it travels down through the atmic, buddhic, causal planes until its vibrations are slow enough to be manifested on the physical plane. The Shaman works within the Golden Mean Spiral, works with vibratory energies of emotions, thoughts forms, that can produce health or illness, fame or obscurity, abundance or lack, happiness or despair. Not all Shamans explain what they do in this exact way but I thought it would be within my own knowledge base and experience to give the scientific explanation of the healing that a Shaman does and symbols have reflected this knowledge of the Shaman through time.

The Shaman by observing the fundamental laws of the universe has discovered the secrets of universal harmony and in that knowledge he or she is a healer of the most extraordinary kind.

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