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Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 75 Personal Power

What does personal power have to do with this? Everything. Who do you give your power to? When you give in to someone else's wishes, desires or demands, when you allow someone else to control you in any way, when you say, feed me, heal me, support me emotionally, mentally or physically. You are giving your power away.
Some people find it easier to give their power away than to own their own power. It may feel easier to say feed me, heal me, support me than to do it yourself. Heck, most people do this. And so we have codependency and unhappy relationships. The truth is, no one can feed you, heal you or support you in the manner that you can for yourself. Why? Because no one loves you as much as you love yourself. And that is the way it should be. You know the commandment "Love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart and love others as you love yourself"? You are supposed to love yourself at least as much as you love others. But we don't love ourselves very much do we! In fact we love everybody else far more than we love ourselves. And because we don't love ourselves very much we let other people take over where we should be in control. We feed the needs and desires of other people and put our own on the back burner. And after a while we start to resent those people we are feeding because we are starving and we think that it is their fault. But it is not their fault.
Everyone is out there trying to get the best for themselves. Your kids are looking out for themselves. Your husband is trying to get what he needs. Your parents are trying to get what they need. And instead of you trying to get what you need, you are out there giving everybody what they need, what they ask for, what they desire. Guess what. They will get what they need whether you are the giver or not. The point is, who is getting you what you want?
If you need healing, you will find the very best and easiest to get healing, right inside you. If you need love, the very greatest and freest love is right inside you. If you need support, you can support yourself. If you need food, you know how to work for food. When you understand that loving yourself and caring for yourself is the only job you have, your life suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, becomes a joy to live! You are not responsible for Mom and Dad and Junior and hubby. You are only responsible for you! So much easier! And then you can start to really love yourself, to be kind to yourself, to care for your needs, your desires, your wishes. Believe me, no one else can really do it for you. They can try and you can ask but no one can do it like you can. And don't worry about hubby and junior. They will continue to take care of themselves. They may beg or plead because you turned off your easy access faucet but they will either turn on their own ever present Source and do it for themselves or they will find someone else they can leech off. They don't need to leech off you. It is not good for them anyway. They need to learn to love themselves too.
You know, this life is short. I would hate to see you leave without learning that you can love yourself and give yourself everything you need to be happy, absolutely joyous. Wouldn't you like to try it once before you go? Isn't that perhaps the lesson you are here to learn, the thing you came here to experience? Loving yourself
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