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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 76 Above and Below Exercise

I have something that might work for you. Try this little exercise
 and then write your answers to the questions in your email reply to
 Diagnosis One. Above and Below
1.  Sit down. Find room enough to draw a circle around yourself out
 the length of your arms. So you are probably sitting on the ground.

2. Take a deep breath. Take several. Calm yourself and balance yourself.

 3. Think of one color. Quick! Put that color inside your circle. What
 color is it?

4. Think of one bird that most represents you. The bird you most like or
 identify with. Imagine that bird flying around your head in this circle.
 What bird is it?

 5. Imagine one animal you have always identified with. Imagine him
 standing beside you. What animal is it?

 6. Imagine one plant that you have always liked. See a whole field of
 this plant growing all around you. You are sitting in a field of your
 favorite flowers. What flowers are these?

 How do you feel right now? Breathe. Just take this in and breathe.
 Center yourself.

 OK now look again at the bird flying around over your head. Invite this bird into your heart. Does it come in easily or does it hesitate? Is it happy  or sad? What emotion does the bird have?

 Now look at the animal standing beside you. Invite this animal into your heart. Does it come in with joy, anger, does it hesitate, does it refuse? What emotion does it have?
 Is it happy or sad or angry? Does it say anything to you?
 Now look at the field of flowers. Are they well and growing great? Just
 budding? Withering? How do they feel emotionally?  Look at their roots?
 Are they long and strong or weak?

Now lie back in the field of flowers. Actually lie down for this moment
 on the place you have been sitting. Just stretch out for a moment and
 visualize that field of flowers all around you. No matter whether they
 look good or bad, thriving or wilting. Just be with them for a minute.
 How do they make you feel?
 When you are ready, this exercise is done. Please send me your answers to and I will tell you about your spiritual health. 
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