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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 74 What Is Traditional Shamanic Counseling?

I practice the ways of my own Shamanic family lineage just as my ancestors practiced thousands of years ago. This practice was handed down from Shaman Grandmother to Shaman granddaughter for generations and I was blessed to receive these teachings as I apprenticed with my own Shaman Grandmother. She chose me out of all her grandchildren to be the one of all on which she would impart these ancient practices. Today I am the last of my lineage and I feel that Traditional Shamanic healing and teaching are needed more today than ever. So I offer Shamanic Counseling for FREE to anyone who needs it. I live on donations from those people who have benefitted and choose to offer equal value exchange for their healing and also from Course tuitions for the courses I teach about Traditional Shamanism, the ways of my people.
When a person asks me for Shamanic Counseling we begin with lots of questions. It is important for the client to share as many of the facts and situation as possible with me. I am not going to violate anyone’s free will and barge into someone’s thoughts or feelings. Whatever that person chooses to share with me, is what I have to go on. But I also let myself meet with the client in the energetic planes spirit self to spirit self and  we sit together there in a good, safe, comforting, soothing way and look at the conflict or struggle they are having. I come into their reality and observe as the client shares with me what the conflict or situation is. I sit and watch as the client shows me how it feels and looks to him or her. I can see it then as the client sees it and then I look around in this reality of the client to see if I can spot a door that is not open, a window that has not been raised, a light switch that the client has not discovered. If I can find this new perspective I will share it with that client. I turn on a new light, open a new door, give the client a new option to solve his or her problem that the client had not been aware of before. I offer a new perspective, a new way to look at the issue and then the client has a new choice to choose from. The client then will decide if he or she wants to look out that window or walk through that door or turn on that light switch. But I think we all know how great it is to have someone else show us what we might not have been aware of, to give us new information that helps us make better choices, to show us perhaps the reasons why something is happening in our lives so that we can make better decisions and remove the suffering and struggle in our lives.
I do not change a person’s life; I give people the opportunity to change their own lives by showing them a new perspective or two. It actually empowers people and heals people.  If you feel that this kind of Shamanic counseling may benefit you or someone you love, feel free to have them send an email to for a FREE Shaman Counseling session.  I do this because the Shamanic healing ways of my ancestors are powerful, effective and easy. I want to bring this special kind of healing to as many people as I can in the little time I have left in this world.  And if you are helped, perhaps you can support this work I do by sending a donation to make it possible for me to be here for other people as well. I cannot do this alone. But you can help; your choice.  Literally thousands of people have been helped and even physically healed through Traditional Shamanic Belief Counseling.
If you would like to learn the ways of my ancestors I do teach a course that contains over 20 tools and skills of my own people at You don’t have to become a Shaman to learn these tools to heal yourself and others.
 (Yaqui meaning “I speak my truth”)

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