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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 73 Why Do I Charge for Teaching

I wish I had some other income so I could just teach without charging, I truly do! I wish I was independently wealthy or was supported by a husband or trust fund, but I am not. That is not how it is supposed to be, anyway.  
I never charge for healing, but think about it; if I put myself in a position where I cannot afford a loaf of bread, then I won't be able to teach, right? So in order to study with a teacher, you have to support that teacher so he or she can teach, right? Have you ever had a teacher in school who didn’t earn her living through your financial support?
As I told you, I have no other source of income. My students support me completely and actually that is the true Traditional way of Shamanism, to be supported completely according to the Shaman's own effectiveness as a Shaman. I obviously have very strong and true teachings if I can be supported solely by students. I obviously am an effective healer if I can be supported by the free will donations I receive from those who are healed. If I was not supported by my students and donations and I had to make a living working at Wendy’s, I would not be here to help so many people gain their healing or grow spiritually.
So by asking me to teach you for free, you are asking me to not have any bread, to not have a place where I can have a computer, to not afford internet, to not be able to teach and yet to not charge for teaching. Do you see how impossible it is?
There is a basic truth known to all Shamans and it says that effectiveness is the yardstick of ability. What that means is you can tell a good baker by his baked goods. You can tell a good gardener by the flowers he grows. You can tell a good Shaman by the healings and teachings she produces.
No matter who you study with, make sure that you can see the effectiveness of that person's ability. My effectiveness can be seen in the fact that my students support me because they are getting something of such value that they choose to support me. I would hope that what you would learn from me would be of such value to you that you would also choose to support me. You pay that carpenter for building your house. You pay that tutor who helps your children. You should see the value in supporting this teacher, too.
 In my case, your donations and course fees make it possible for thousands of other people to find me and receive help because you make it possible for me to be here for them.  These people are at the end of their ropes. They have exhausted all other sources and have no more money to afford any more professionals and they write to me as their last hope.  And indeed, they DO receive their answers and their healing and their lives turn around and they are blessed simply through their contact with my guides and elders and ancestors who are with me here and miracles happen in their lives. Knowing that your donation makes this possible for thousands of people every year, doesn’t it make your heart feel good to know that you are part of their healing? Isn’t this a good cause to donate to? I cannot do this work without your donations and course fees. Sure, I can go work at Wendy’s but think of all the people who would no longer be able to reach me and work with me then.  I think it is right and fitting that I cannot do my work as a Traditional Shaman without your help and financial support! It takes a village to raise a child. This is one way you can help thousands of people and also help yourself.

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