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Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 72 Freedom

Let me tell you about fear.
We are taught fear from birth. Our parents use fear to control us. If you have raised children yourself you know that you may have used fear to scare the kids into doing what you wanted them to do. Then fear is the controller in school. You will be punished if you do not do things the way they want, stay after school, detention, principal's office, failing grades, its all about fear.
So by adulthood, we are totally controlled by fear and it is the biggest part of our lives. Then we go to work. We learn to fear coming in late, displeasing the boss, not doing a super job every day, taking too long a lunch break, all kinds of things. So fear dominates our work life. Then we get married. And we use fear to control each other. “I won't love you if you ....( displease) me in any way.” “Get that supper on the table in time or I will be angry.” “Mow that lawn or I will shame you to the neighbors.” More, more, more. Fear of anger becomes the control in a relationship many times.
Wow! We are fear based people aren't we! How sad! At what point do we get to breathe??? No wonder we are unhappy. What a crumby way to live!
And who has time now to unravel 30 or 40 years of fear based thinking? It seems easier to take Prozac than to go to a counselor and work on the psychological factors for months or years. It seems easier to medicate than to break the chain. And it takes breaking the chain to find freedom, happiness and power.
What would you like to do? How precious is your freedom to you? How badly do you want to be happy? How much is your personal power worth to you?
Taking my course in Traditional Shamanism requires one to accept his or her own power. It teaches you where it is and shows the way. The course teaches you how to be a hunter, a warrior and work with the tools that have been given to you already but that you are afraid to use (because everybody told you not to). Why did they say that? Because, if you learn to use your God given tools they will no longer be able to control you with fear.
When we truly take back our power, no person can have power over us again.
When we truly take back our power, we become responsible for everything that happens to us. We can make wonderful things happen in our lives. We are no longer under the influence of other people’s poor plans for our lives.
Who knows you better than you? Why do you let others decide what is best for you? Only you know what is best for you. Step up and make your choices, take responsibility for your choices and watch those fear based controllers run for the hills. Those who were controlling you will leave. Why should they stay if they can't touch you anymore! Believe me it a very freeing feeling and all it take is a choice, a different way of living.

Traditional Shamanism teaches you to reclaim your power; that you are strong and yes, you do create your own reality. Traditional Shamanism also expects you to accept responsibility for yourself and for your actions and consequences. But that is not as bad as sitting back saying, "Well, they made me do this." What is that??! It is wonderful to be in charge of your own life! It is great to know that whatever you want in life is yours with the proper knowledge, the sincere intent and the correct emotional control. Traditional Shamanism gives you the skills. It is a great thing!
Should you fear studying Traditional Shamanism? Fear is a choice you can make. The other choice is freedom. Let someone control you, fear; or take control of yourself, freedom. My course in Traditional Shamanism will teach you how to take control of yourself and experience the freedom to have anything you really want out of life.
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