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Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 49 Healed But Not Well

We create a defense system around us to block out or control the pain and struggle, the negative stuff, the disability, the demon possessing us whatever the issue is. But when we are healed through Shamanic means we still have that shield around us that prevents anything from changing in our mental emotional and physical bodies. That defense system, that "don't anything change" motion detector alarm system is still in place because you created it and intended it yourself. Until you can begin to turn off the motion alarm and allow the motion of the healing to be recognized, to be felt as a good motion, your alarm system will remain on because you trained yourself for years how to have this alarm system, this defense mechanism, and how to have it on all the time. How is the healing supposed to get through to where you can be aware of it when you have trained yourself into such a defensive posture?

It’s the guy who breaks his leg and gets a cast and has to limp to work every day for 6 weeks and when he gets the cast off he still limps to work every day for the rest of his life. Does he have to? No. Why does he? Because he has trained himself to limp. It is his free will choice. Can he decide not to limp anymore? Yes, will it take some conscious effort to remember not to limp for a while? Yes.
 Shaman Elder Maggie
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  1. Thank you for this- I think this is a very important thing to remember and it's especially good to remember when it seems that a medicine is not working even when it's supposed to.


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