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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 48 Skills of a Traditional Shaman

There are many skills a Traditional Shaman has. Some Shamans specialize in specific areas. I will list some of the areas or specialties here. They are like arms or leaves on a tree or better like different roots on one tree. You can work on each of them to develop them. And for each root that is strong and healthy, the tree is stronger and healthier too.

The skill of blessing
The skill of energizing power centers (natural vortices)
The skill of shifting to another level of awareness
The skill of channeling
The skill of storytelling
The skill of healing with dual focus (soul extraction)
The skill of empowerment
The skill of balancing/intergrating the body
The skill of tuning into past, present and future
The skill of energizing and healing energy fields
The skill of manifesting events and circumstances
The skill of shapeshifting
The skill of interpreting dreams
The skill of creative dreaming
The skill of shaman journeying
The skill of increasing personal energy
The skill of contemplative manifesting
The skill of focused movement
The skill of healing with symbols and omens.
The skill of ritual and ceremony
The skill of geomancy
The skill of time travel
The skill of magical flight
The skill of working with group energy.

So these are all a Shaman's roots. Some are strong and well developed naturally. Some are little and need cultivation. Imagine if you took the time to cultivate all these roots! What a tree you would be! And the opportunity is always there for you. Just looking at this list shows you what a Shaman is in truth and power. I too am stronger at some and weaker at others but each root is a path in itself.

I hope I have empowered you a bit here to think about your gifts, developed and undeveloped and to see your own power! If you want to work on developing these gifts I teach many of them in the Shaman Apprenticeship 101 course found here You can start today!  18 lessons only $135.

Shaman Elder Maggie

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