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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 47: What IS Prayer?

Here is what I have learned. Prayer is an act of connecting to the Essence of Creator within all of us. We are all created by Creator, from Creator and so we are all connected to Creator, actually a part of Creator as we are made from Creator. So everything is Creator as you know. Man creates his own separation from Creator. Creator is not separate from us. Creator is all good. Man decided to believe that Creator is not all good. Creator is all knowing. Man decided, in fact a small group of men made us believe, that Creator is not all knowing.
In praying you are connecting to the essence of Creator within yourself and within everyone. You are connecting to the healing power of Creator within yourself. In your prayers you ask for blessings for yourself. You are connecting to the Creator force and to your blessings. When you pray for healing, you are connecting to the healing power of Creator and asking Creator for healing.
Prayer is the cord to the power of Creator. In Hawaiian shamanism it is called getting into the sea of God, the current of God, Loa. In prayers we offer our intentions. We ask for what we want. And Creator makes this manifest for us, in us and in others.
The third part of prayer is gratitude. Thanking Creator for connecting with us at all times and in all ways. Again recognizing our connection to the Source, and giving thanks for it. I remember my grandmother once told me that if Creator stopped thinking of you, stopped cherishing you for even one second, stopped holding you in Creator’s own mind, you would just vanish in a puff of smoke and be no more. So we thank Creator for this Presence, for connecting with us and for helping us remember our connection to Creator so that these prayers, these intentions can be made manifest.
Praying for others,
As we are so completely connected to Creator, we are also all connected to each other. All of us make up Creator. But yet Creator is more than this. So when we connect to Creator we are also connecting to everyone else. So a prayer for some other person is easily given to that person. You and Creator connect to supply another person, group, city, culture or planet, the focus of Creators Love energy on that person, group,city, culture or planet. It is like a giant spider's web that connects us all. Can the other person refuse the healing Love from Creator? Sure! We all have a free will choice. That is a universal law that cannot be broken. So no healing can occur if the healee does not want healing.
Prayer is a very powerful gift we have, our connection with Creator, a golden cord of light that allows two way communications between us and Creator. Of course Creator is this close to us! In all ways and at all times! It is us who put separation between us and Creator so prayer reconnects us. I highly recommend prayer!
Shaman Elder Maggie

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