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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 50 My After Death Experience

I was pronounced dead on a Sunday night in a little country hospital that could not do what was needed to save me. When I died  I was suddenly aware of everything that I had done in this world. Every person I had interacted with, what I said, what they said to me and more importantly the reason why things were the way they were. I saw the reason for my mother being angry at me when I was six and didn't understand her. I saw the reason why I had become what I had become and why things had happened to me that at the time made no sense at all. It was not heaven or hell. It was instant knowing. It was the big AAAHHH! Now I understand! I also saw all those people whom I had hurt by my own misunderstanding or impatience. Not as a judgment upon me but just to show me where I went wrong and why.
I teach this now to hospice patients. And I teach them that if they have an issue that is not settled, that they should put it to rest. So many things happen to us that we do not really understand at the time. it is better to let go of those things. You will understand them someday.
I think this is a good thing to know. That when people pass on they become enlightened as to the events of their life and their affect on your life. It is a good thing for those who have led good lives. It is yucky for those who have led bad lives.
And you can live your life knowing that someday you will see exactly what went on and you will be responsible for everything you say to others and feel good about all the times you helped someone or brightened someone's day or made a difference or did your best.  What do you think? Leave a comment!
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Aho means I speak my truth
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  1. I have met a person who had an after death experience. He was old to go back it was not time yet.
    Books have been written and the experiences reported seem to be varied. Some told to go back and others get a life review.

    All seem to live a changed life and do not fear death any more.


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