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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 44 Finding One's Path

A call to Shamanism is a haunting thing. Some people who are called to Shamanism study actually suffer physical maladies which are words from Spirit to prod one to the path they belong on. The other side of the picture is a force that tries to prevent one from finding one's path. In everything there are two poles. It is a universal law. So you feel the tug to learn your path and also the tug to be too busy to learn.
I have found that for those students that try to maintain both things there is no peace. Being too busy indicates that you are hiding from your path. And the usual way we hide from our path is to be busy trying to help others on their paths. But living our lives for others does nothing for our own path. We can follow our husbands and children on their paths and we often do. But what of our own path, what of our purpose for being here? Was it really to follow our kids and mates around? Do you know that they will follow their paths with you or without you? Sure they appreciate you making it easier for them, but if it were not you, they could still manage or would find someone else to do it. And following your path is really something you do for yourself and you do alone. It is the path to home, to peace, to fulfillment. Many women seek fulfillment in helping their families but there is only a small amount of fulfillment there and as we get older and see our own path being neglected we become less and less fulfilled.
So you have to decide for yourself if you are ready to walk your own path. And it doesn't mean not being there for your family but rather taking steps to walk your own path. This course will lead you to that path. And as you study and practice, your path will become lit and you will know it. If you are meant to be a healer you will see the the way to do that. If you are meant to practice Shamanism you will be led to do that. The purpose of your life will become clear and then it will be your decision to walk that path or slink back onto the path of someone else. Some students are not ready to walk their own path. But at least in this ongoing, online course I offer to anyone willing to look, they see their path clearly and can make that decision deliberately. Some students have never seen their path and when they find it they embrace it wholeheartedly and become healers, happy, whole and fulfilled.
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