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Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 43 How Can Someone Make Money Doing Healing Work

Student question: I want to work as a healer. I am not happy working in a non healing job and so I am quitting my current job and going with my heart that tells me I can work as  a healer and get paid for it if I put my trust in God to provide for me. What do you think?
My reply: Regarding finding the healing job, do you know that almost any ordinary job can become a healing job? I once worked as a stock boy for a store. My job was to unload the trucks bringing huge crates of merchandise, to unload the boxes, price the items and put them on the shelves. Doesn't sound like a healing job does it!
But I started out each day as the healer I am.  I brought blessings and healing down on the store before I even arrived. I blessed each employee. I blessed the truck drivers. I put Creator's Spirit of love and light  into each item I handled no matter what it was. I worked with awareness and balance and was committed to doing the best job I could as a healer. I didn't tell anyone there. I just did my healing work. God gave me boxes and shipments to work with and so I healed those. It was a healing job for me because I made it healing work. Do you see how any job can be healing work?
What happened in that store? Their sales went up by 250%! Their customer base increased 400%. I eventually wound up being the night manager of the store! Many people sought me out there and received personal healing. They would find me stocking shelves and pour out their problems to me and as I listened I did healing work silently. They would often hug me or kiss me good bye even though I had not said anything but just offered them love and kindness and this silent healing. They would come back week after week and bring me presents too!
This is what Creator calls a healing job!
It can be any job at all, pushing a broom, cleaning a toilet, flipping a burger. So don't sit there on your fanny waiting for a "healing job" to fall out of the tree on your head. Go do a healing job. Make any job a healing job.
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