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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 42 How Do I Know I am Seeing the Truth

A student asks: You have taught us about knowing ourselves fully in order to move forward and become fulfilled.  How do we actually know that what we perceive is what we really are?  I know that many people, myself included, have, on occasion, deluded my thinking of who I was.  Can we actually ever be sure that what we are taking to be us is not a layered effect of what others and sometimes we want ourselves to be?
Reply:  If you are correct, you have confirmation from more than just one source. Yes we can delude ourselves anytime we want, but there will nothing outside ourselves backing up our delusion. When we are true to ourselves and being who we truly are, there are many sources of confirmation from outside sources, including events in the physical world, interactions with people who are meant to confirm our truth for us, our path is bright and we are able to walk it easily, spirit guides and teachers come to us and we are able to receive their wisdom fully and easily. When we are fooling ourselves we get none of this.
I work with many people counseling them and this is a fact. It is those people who are deluding themselves who will tell you they cannot find their guides, that no one is teaching them, that they cannot connect to Source. These are deluded thoughts.
Let me show you how to connect with your guides, how you have teachers with you at all times and that Source is constantly trying to give you abundance beyond measure if you would only allow it.
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