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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 45 The Suffering of Not Spiritually Growing

There is a tempting force, a negative force in life that opposes Spirit. It is the force of non growth, standing still, immobility. Whatever ceases to change and transform itself decays and perishes. It is a Law of the Universe. This death in Life for human beings can be translated as spiritual sterility. A person who has let the roots of Life, in the deepest part of himself, perish, fall into the power of negating force. This crime against life, Goethe says, is a crime against salvation, your salvation.

This course is like a river. I give you an inner tube and you climb in and begin going down this new river and you see things on the shore that look like you and your life, and you see other people waving at you, they are your guides and teachers and they are glad to see you here! And you find fruit hanging off branches over your head as you glide by and eat plums and peaches on your ride, savor them. You are riding your own river and at the end in lesson 10 11 and 12 the river opens out on to a beautiful lake that you will call home. Now if you choose to, you can grab a branch and stop the ride or grab a rock and hang on or get out of the inner tube and stand on the bank. These are all your choices. But there is no need to. You are safe and you are seeing you and coming into your own power, the power of the river.

 I see you standing on the bank watching things floating by in your river, and saying yes, that is mine, and that is mine and that is mine, yep they are right there. But you are not in the river! Your life is going by while you stand on the river bank watching it go! This course invites you get in the river within the safety of your inner tube and actually be in the river, flowing along, observing you and learning your power and your skills and your abilities that are right in the inner tube right in your mind and heart now, and you might discover that some of the things that you saw in your river while standing on the river banks are just reflections of things that are on the riverbank.  Think about it. Things and experiences and people that you see as you pass along floating in the river of you!

Let yourself flow in the river created by this course. let yourself take what resonates, try the exercises, don't sweat anything, be still and calm and relax.

You have an inner tube you are floating on in the river. You are completely protected! From what? Protected from losing yourself in the hubbub of life, from not being yourself, from not being loved, from not getting where you are meant to go. Is that enough protection for you?

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Shaman Elder Maggie

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