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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 35 What about Ouija Boards

 What about Ouija Boards
An Excerpt from “The Shaman Speaks” by Shaman Elder Maggie
All that we see here is only 5% of the total energies around us; the slowest vibrating energies are the ones we can see with our eyes. These beings live in the other 95% we aren't normally aware of. And that 95% is the part that you are contacting with a Ouija Board.

I think it is important to be aware of this scientific fact, to use your own abilities to become aware of all the energies around you and to know that there are high vibration energetic beings who wish to help you and lower vibration energetic beings who care nothing about you, and even lower vibration energetic beings who wish to deplete your energy. This 95% is very much unknown to us in general and needs to be recognized, studied and respected just as we recognize, study and respect those things we see in our physical world. How very limiting of us to assume that what we see is all there is!

We have so much science now to back this up. We know how the moon affects even our emotions! We can't "see" that energy but we all agree it is there. What else is out there affecting us? From a Shaman's point of view, there is so much more here than just what I see with my eyes. Be aware of it, learn about it safely and carefully. I teach about it so people don't go running in headlong like a lemming leaping off a cliff. It is a fascinating study, not taught in too many places yet, but needs to be approached with awareness of the inherent dangers as there are inherent dangers in this physical world all around us. A Ouija Board is an open invitation to the astral world. I don’t recommend their use whatsoever. There are better, safer ways to travel the astral world.
Shaman Elder Maggie

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