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Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 36 A student asked me the other day “So why am i tired so much, then? “

You are tired so much for 3 reasons.
1.    1.  Your life is too full of things to do each day. You try to pack more stuff into your to do list than you are capable of doing. Know your limitations and throw out some of the stuff on your to do list. Simplify your life and make sure to create some room for spiritual work and spiritual growth each day. This lifetime is a really short hiccup in the length of your eternal life. Don’t forget that you are an eternal spiritual being having a physical life experience. This life experience is just a vacation for that non manifest self that you will always be so lets make this little vacation a benefit to your eternal self.
2.     You give your energy, your life force, your chi away too easily. You think you are benefitting others by giving them the very life force that Creator gave you to be able to live out a long healthy life here. You are killing yourself by giving away the chi that you need to live on. Everybody was given enough chi to live on. You do not need to give people your chi.
3.     You do not receive fully from Creator. You only let in a little of Creator’s love and Light and blessings and nourishment and then you cut your Source off.
Now you know why you are tired. What are you going to do about it. Answer me that at

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