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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 35 The Purpose of Emotions

When we are in an emotionally heightened state, we are not in connection with our spiritual self. We let go, we stop being in control of our spiritual self. We cannot achieve a balance when we are emotionally upset. And that is the problem we all have in our daily lives and why I say not to run your life based on your emotions. So many people do just that. Everything they do, every decision the average person makes is based on this question, "how does this make me feel?"
Yikes! What a terrible way to live! Emotions are sensory tools. That's all! Like ears and eyes and noses. Your nose shows you how something smells. Your emotions show you how something feels. Boy if I could just teach this one thing, the world would be better off! I know I digress here but this is so important! I love my emotions. I express them freely. I laugh I cry I experience life and what the world sends me each day but I do not make my decisions based on what I see or smell or feel. I take in all the sensory information and process it together to decide the best course of action for me.
Emotions also have another use as a tool. They are the driving force behind our intentions. Ask me about that. Send me an email to
Shaman Elder Maggie

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