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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 34 What Makes Someone a Healer?

To be a healer means to first realize it within yourself. A good healer understands awareness. She is aware that we each are unique, that there is no right or wrong, but  rather a myriad of stars each with their own body or being. She respects these stars as being all that they are and treasures each one of them no matter how far away they are from her.
She is balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually within herself and fosters the balance of others through her example. When she sees something out of balance she uses her own balance like a gyroscope to nurture balance in other things, be that nature or weather or seasons or plants or animals or people. She acts as a balancing force because she herself is balanced.
 He is aware of his own powers and connection to Creator and fosters that connection at every minute of his life. All good work comes from the inside out. And when he is a bright brilliant light within himself he shines that light for all to see and come and warm themselves in that healing light. In this he begins to heal the Universe!
As you become who you truly are, a unique beautiful star, your light will shine ever so brightly over all of us. Embrace the beauty of each star you see. There are no good stars and bad stars. No judgment is necessary. Just behold, embrace and heal with your love.
Shaman Elder Maggie
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