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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 7: Shamanic Ceremony

Subconscious and super consciousness: the Shaman of old knew nothing about these psychological terms. And that is why he used ceremony so devoutly. Bathing in rivers, painting of faces, making of voodoo dolls, dressing as animals dancing around fires. All these are ways of connecting to the subconscious and the super conscious. I find in my opinion that ceremonies do more to heal people than all the psychological counseling out there. People can relate to ceremony. They can be a part of a ceremony and through that they can touch the subconscious and superconscious and receive a healing.
 I am all for simplicity. I am not into paying thousands of dollars to some would be therapist to be only hurt more by that therapist's misconceptions and mucked up personal reality! Give me a good old fashioned medicine wheel or vision quest.
I prefer to do shamanic healing in person. That physical connection with the eyes of the client is more healing than anything I know. Sucking illness out of a client's body and spitting it into a body of water is so completely confirming to the client. Seeing is believing. And it is all about what the client believes, isn't it. What easier way is there to change a belief, to realize a healing?
Now the other side of the coin is to fake a healing and try to fool the person by putting on a great ceremony. That is a sham, a ruse, a fakir and there are Shamans who do this, too. Does it work? Sometimes. We have seen it work for Christian faith healers and others. But is it the work of a Shaman? Not this one!
If I cannot actually bring healing to someone, then I don't pretend I can. No one human can do everything. That's why there is more than one of us! LOL! And when I bring healing to someone I  am the first one on my knees giving thanks to the God force where that healing comes from.
So be careful! Never offer healing or ceremony for healing unless you believe in your own ability to do so.
Shaman Elder Maggie

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