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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 6: Staying the Course

I want to tell you something that I have learned in my own life and that has been echoed by teachers and masters throughout time. It seems to be a universal law and you should be aware of it.

When ever someone steps up and begins to shine their light for the good of the world, to claim their power as a healer or a giver of Light in any form, there are those beings in the inner worlds who hate this! They do not want Light to shine in this physical plane. Think of the writer with writer's block or the athlete who cannot quite reach that 10.0. In fact, anyone who has come close to achieving their goals has run into blockages, rocks thrown in their paths, distractions, detours. These are not there by accident!

These inner world beings cannot interfere with our free will choice. But they can use the forces of nature and willing accomplices to try to stop our walk. If you want to be a healer or a writer or an athlete or a Shaman you have to have determination, an intent to walk your path no matter what. You have to be impeccable in your own life and do your best each and every day just like that athlete. You have to make time for your path. It does not just skip merrily along with you on it. It is a choice you make each day to walk it or not walk it. Do not let these beings deter you from doing what you knowing your heart you should do. That is weakness, not being impeccable. These beings are not strong. They are like bees along the path. Shoo them away and set your heart and mind on your good path and achieve what you came here to do.

There is an old saying in the Yaqui tribes that I was taught by my teacher there. It is, that by the time you have finally learned what your path is and how to walk it, your legs are too old to do the walking! Do not let this happen to you. We need your healing, your light in this world yesterday! You can see all the healing that needs to be done here. You can see the people suffering, crying out, lost in their own pathless lives. Today you can do something about that. Today you can live an impeccable life. You can do your very best in every way today and that includes learning what you need to learn, practicing your skills and offering healing to those who come your way.
Shaman Elder Maggie

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  1. Aho
    Shaman Maggie, I am so happy to read about this very thing- I have seen it over and over again in my own life and in the lives of my friends.

    Thank you for writing this blog! I will be following you here as well as in my other ways.


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