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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 8: The Moon

My Shaman grandmother and her people were not astrologers but were very capable of using the stars to find their way across vast expanses of snow and tundra.  So she never taught me anything about specific constellations as forces of energy on this planet, but she did teach me this.
My grandmother taught me that when the moon is waxing it is a good time to begin new projects, to do new things, to start new things, to be proactive, to get the car repaired or have dealings with businesses etc.
When the moon is waning, its not a good time for those things. It is a good time to clean up, reorganize, complete, rest, regroup.

If you just do this much you will find a huge difference in your life. Try it and see!
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Shaman Elder Maggie


  1. I love this simple yet very meaning teaching, Shaman Maggie! I look forward to coming home and reading your words for the day;) Thank you so much for taking your time to walk this walk with so many of us.

  2. I love this too... now, if I could just figure out when the moon is waxing and when it's waning!! LOL

  3. Alynn, me too! I'm going to try and find an app for my iPod Touch for the moon phases and give this a try.

    Thank you, Shaman Maggie for your teachings! I love you!


  4. Ooh, YES, there is a moon phases application and only $1.99! It even comes with a werewolf warning for the full moon! LOL! Very silly. :D There are also paper calendars with the year's moon phases printed on them, which would actually be nicer- but even better would be doing a hand made illustration of the phases. That would really help connect a person to the moon phases.

  5. If you are on facebook, there is also an app for moon phases there and it's free;)


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