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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 3: Knowing Myself

I am an old woman now. And here is something I know in my heart to be true. When we are true to ourselves and being who we truly are, there are many sources of confirmation from outside sources, including events in the physical world, interactions with people who are meant to confirm our truth for us, our path is bright and we are able to walk it easily, spirit guides and teachers come to us and we are able to receive their wisdom fully and easily. When we are fooling ourselves we get none of this.

I work with many people counseling them and this is a fact. It is those people who are deluding themselves who will tell you they cannot find their guides; that no one is teaching them, that they cannot connect to Source.
Shaman Elder Maggie

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  1. Aho Shaman Maggie. I came across this today and appreciated the message as it must apply to me in some way. I delude myself with fear, with making excuses about time, with the boo monster in control some of the time. But I always end up remembering the truth about things and quickly turn it around, which I see bountiful blessings from! It's always an amazement like looking through a child's eyes, to see the results from the shamanic lessons I have learned to apply to my life that have made HUGE impact on how much easier the majority of my life can be.
    Thank you for sharing this post today! I needed to hear it and look at where I am deluding myself.
    Much love, Jen.


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