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Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 4: Sacred Space

Some people by Sacred Space mean opening a medicine wheel and leaving it open in their living space or work space. The medicine wheel is a prayer. So to leave a wheel open is like getting to the middle of prayer and then changing the subject! Not very good intention methinks.

Some people by Sacred Space mean building an altar and making a location that has energy through the items they place there.

But when I think of Sacred Space I think of you! You are a sacred space, a big one if you will recognize it. And you get to bring your sacred space everywhere you go. And you offer your sacred space to others when you are in their presence whether they feel it or not. You are the church, you are the holy ground, you are the embodiment of energy and when you come into contact with other people they are also in contact with this energy. So it is your job to bring the energy of Creator into you and shine it through you wherever you are. You, yourself create a Sacred space wherever you are. Do you doubt it? Then think about it some more. Really realize it.

Those that need to create a Sacred Space by building something or doing some kind of energy work are in my opinion not confident within themselves and their own power to realize that they themselves are the most sacred space.

Now sometimes I feel that I need to wear a certain kind of stone to balance out my Sacred Space when I am feeling sick or tired or just out of balance in some way, or when I am going into a certain situation outside the home, visiting a hospital for example, I take a green stone with me to enhance the heading qualities of my sacred space. Here is where awareness and balance again play such an important part in a Shaman's work. Intent too. What is your intention for your sacred space? And what are you doing to your sacred space when you are in a "poor little me" attitude?
Realizing that you are Sacred Space and that you share this sacred space with every other person on the planet, yes, this is a way to experience daily activity from a higher perspective! 
Shaman Elder Maggie

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