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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 2: Fear - 100 Days Walk With a Traditional Shaman
When a person decides to go ahead and reconnect their calling to be a shaman, there are fears that need to be addressed and cleared up. These fears are mostly founded in things that were given to us from outside sources. These things are the same things that make us doubt our calling to Shamanism. Every person who has taken up their path as a shaman in this lifetime must look at all the things that prevented him or her from being a shaman and heal them. All shamans are wounded healers. I think all true healers are wounded healers. How can we recognize healing if we have never experienced it? How can we offer healing if we have never been healed ourselves? And so, all shamans must first heal themselves.

Dark fears are not something I keep acquiring. I look at those dark fears and eliminate them all once and for all. The only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear is a free will choice. Let’s learn about free will choices and learn to make good choices for ourselves. We must eliminate the outside thought forms that prevent us from making the best free will choices we can make for ourselves today. This work must be done in order to practice shamanism fully.
This is now part of the course I created from what my own family lineage taught and practiced. Everything I teach comes from my own experiences. I do not teach anything that I have not experienced myself. I do not ask others to simply believe as I believe or to take my word for anything. I set up experiences in this course for the student to have their own experience, to find out what they believe and to make choices for themselves. I could not feel right about offering anything less in my course. I so value free will choice.
Aho (I speak my truth)
Shaman Elder Maggie

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