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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Medicine Wheel Prayer

The Medicine Wheel Prayer 

Earth: receiving- your mental body, that solid dry self determining earth of your mental body, your reality, your belief system.

Today I will acknowledge that to change my life requires the twin elements of honesty and courage. I need to understand  when a change(s) is necessary and good, to change my patterns of behavior even if they fly in the face of what others think and believe about me. Today I acknowledge that I have a sacred right to live my life as I desire, but that I do not have the right to play a role assigned to me in a dysfunctional situation for then the gifts freely given to me by the Great Mystery will be wasted and Mother Earth will die a little more.”

Water: The physical body, It is flexible and affected by outside elements and adaptive to surroundings. Adaptive.

Today I acknowledge that my body contains a fantastic genetic code unique only to me. It is a vehicle of expression designed to transport and enable me to function within the physical realm of Earth – I do not devalue myself, therefore I will not devalue my body, for my body is the temple that houses the Mental, Spiritual and Emotional realms of my existence. I understand and accept that learning and changing takes time and that leadership within myself is an ongoing quest. I may not be able to expect an overnight miracle but I can expect a miracle over time.”

Air: Your spiritual body, new understanding, new vision, expansive.

Today I acknowledge that I am connected to a Spiritual Power greater than myself and that this Greater Power (known as the Breath of the Invisible) loves me and created me in perfect balance with the Earth Mother. I will continue to heal myself by releasing my fear, and loving myself and others unconditionally. I place no boundaries on the love I give myself. I understand that self-worth comes from within my own “we-ness in this spiritual connection . I understand that I do not have to be defined by wider world.”

 Fire: Fire is your productive emotional body, it is that quality that you use to produce things, that produced the action of doing. It causes things to separate,  to separate you from others, to make you a unique individual.

Today I will acknowledge that change in my life must begin with me. Today I will speak from the depths of my wise self. I know that to lock up my heart locks up my emotions. I will listen to my dreams and visions and create a new reality for myself. I will stop denying that problems exist. Instead I will honor them for they have helped make me who I am at this moment in time. To deny my difficulties is to deny who I am. What I will do is dream new dreams for myself and lift up my spirit.”


An excerpt from "Balance, The Medicine Wheel and Alchemy", a Traditional Shamanism Lecture Series  by Shaman Elder Maggie presented each Monday Night live. Come join this lecture Series here