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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Are We Being Watched?

 Are We Being Watched?

 by Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

One time a friend was driving us down the highway when  car appeared going the wrong way into the oncoming traffic at 55 mph and aimed directly at us! It was inevitable that we would be hit head on so I asked my guides to protect me and I could feel these giant feathery wings just wrap themselves around me ! So big they covered my sight completely, and strong and embracing me completely holding me strongly!  I remember feeling those feathers poking into my nose and tickling my nose and I wanted to move my hand and brush the feathers out of my nose but I was being held so tightly and securely that I could not raise my arm. And then the wings let go and disappeared and we were already twirled around pointing the wrong way down the highway with the whole front of the car destroyed. The doors of the car had been knocked off and there I was sitting in the passenger seat just looking around and amazed at the wreckage. The driver of our car was passed out with blood coming from his head. The passenger in the back seat was climbing over me to get out of the door in total panic and I just let her step on me and escape as she needed to do. She collapsed when she exited the car so I leaped out and helped her to her feet and sat her over on the curb. Some other people had also stopped and I asked them to watch her while I went back to the smoking car to get the driver out. I was able to wake him  up and get him to talk to me and I had help getting him over to the curb. The ambulance came. I have no idea what happened to the other car. But I was amazed that I was ok! What did happen to me was that there was a Snapple bottle in the cup holder and when the car was impacted the Snapple glass bottle hit the ceiling of the car,  broke into a kajillion pieces and went flying every where and I was impaled with hundreds of glass shards. It took three months to get them all out and I still have one in my butt to this day!  Moral for you: Do not drive with glass bottles anywhere in your car.

So do the guides watch over us! You bet they do. This is one of my Shaman stories . You can hear more in my Monday Night lecture Series on Traditional Shamanism. this ia live audio visual presentation presented each Monday night at 9PM Eastern. everyone is welcome to attend! you can learn more about it here or just CLICK HERE to send me an email for a FREE PASS to this week's presentation!

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