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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Are You Thinking?

Awareness and deliberate Intention.
 Are you aware of what you are thinking? Are you aware that your thoughts are creating things in your lives and in the lives of other people? Are you are that your thoughts are like arrows of energy that fly out into the universe on an elliptical pattern and come back around flying through the lives of so many millions of people before that arrow comes back to hit your life? Some arrows have elliptical orbits that last for years. Some have orbits that only take seconds but they all come back to affect you directly. A simple thought of displeasure creates myriads of other thoughts of displeasure. A thought of kindness creates a myriad of other thoughts of kindness. Are you aware of what you are putting out into to the world to affect you and others?

How deliberately then should you be choosing your every thought? Perhaps it’s time to understand that you think too much! I teach you to become an observer. That is the best use of your mind. To take in information and learn what you can learn, to perceive the Essence of Creator here which is what you came here to do; not to think, not to create danger and illness with your errant thoughts. Thoughts are not the big wonders of your life. Sure, you were taught that thinking is important and for the ordinary man who judges himself by what he can create I suspect creating thoughts is a major past time for that person. But now that you realize that all his or her thoughts are also affecting your life and your reality and the world at large and Mother Earth and the whole universe, you might now wish that people would think less. Isn’t this why the Buddhists practice no thought meditation so very much? At least they are trying to not influence the universe in a negative way.

What do you intend? Are you aware of what you intend? You should be at every moment! How many intentions do you have? Probably too many. What is an intention? It is a thought backed with emotion. Emotion is the power or energy that propels the arrow of intention.  It is your emotional feeling about that thought that makes that though so powerful. Do you control your feelings? Or do you let your feelings run your life? Is everything in your life about “how does this thought make me feel emotionally?” If this is how you run your life I guarantee you that you are not happy. Let me show you another way to run your life as captain of your ship, as the authority figure for your own life in my Shaman Apprenticeship 101 Course.  Let me show you how my ancestors ran their lives and become powerful and effective healers able to do miracles.

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