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Friday, February 10, 2012

Those Who Don't Walk Get Eaten.

What kinds of goals do people have today? Perhaps to have a family or a career or a car and house with all the modern conveniences. For a lot of people, that is enough. They say they are satisfied with this mediocre existence. They don't enhance their lives with anything other than physical pleasures, with anything more essential, more powerful. They simply stagnate.

When will people realize the dangers that they put themselves in with they live their lives unaware of what else is here beyond just the physical? There are all kinds of physical and psychological dangers lying in wait, looking for ways to sneak in and bite into people and eat away at them.  Have you ever felt there were other things beyond the physical threatening your life? I bet you have! And what have you done to learn about those dangers?

How sad that people do not realize that here is a whole other 95% here that cannot be perceived with one's outer senses but that very much does effect therm physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is what I teach you about in the course I offer as I learned it from my own Shaman teachers in my own family. Do not let yourself be put to sleep and chloroformed by petty entertainments. The time is coming when the need to survive and negotiate through the dangers will be more important to you than a house or car. Will you be ready for that?
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