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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 92 Where Are You?

Do you have a memory of a better place or time? Do you really think there was a better time than this time or a better place than this place?

No time is better than now. No place is better than here. You can dream of times and places from long ago and imagine that they're better. They're only better in your imagination. You forget what you want to forget and remember what you want to remember. It was never that good. It was never that bad. It was like now, good and bad, depending on how you want to imagine it.

This time and place has infinite depth, because your imagination has infinite depth. What exists is like raw material for your imagination. You fill in the blanks. You paint the picture of your experience whatever colors you like. You choose good or bad according to your needs. Sometimes you need a bad experience to make you feel good. Sometimes you need emptiness to have something to fill. You may need dreams to entertain yourself. You may need pathos to liberate your dreams.

What does it matter in a dream? Good or bad, the dream ends. When the dream ends you are liberated from it. The good or bad judgments end. Nothing will come from it. Nothing will remain. It disappears forever because it never existed. It leaves no reverberations.

Morning comes and a new day begins, again and again. You'll wake up when you want to wake up. You'll never fall asleep again, if that's what you want. You're free to awaken or sleep as you like.

When you dream, you're still real. You continue. Life continues. God continues. The world turns, regardless of your attention. The collective dream continues. You can join it or leave it, as you like.

It takes courage to wake up while others sleep. To be the only one awake can feel like a terrible responsibility. It's not. The dreamer is cared for, always. You don't have to do anything. Everyone is safe.

You don't need to tiptoe through the dreams of others. They'll fit you into their dream stories as they like. You're not responsible for their choices. You can be a hero and a villain at the same time. You can be a star, or you can slip by unnoticed.

You're not alone. You're surrounded by dreams and dreamers. The dreams interweave. The dreamers dance. The dream will end when it ends. Then you'll see it for what it is, nothing at all.
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