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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 90 A Message to All My Students

Becoming a Shaman in any lifetime is a pact, a promise, a contract that exists beyond time and space. Once a Shaman, Always a Shaman. You do not need an initiation because you probably already had an initiation, maybe thousands of years ago. Some of my students get to the end of the course thinking I will do some kind of initiation for them and give them some Indian name or something. No. Those of you who are taking this course because you felt a calling to it, an affinity for this path, an attraction to study Traditional Shamanism have probably been Shamans in a past life already.
You will have to practice and learn the skills and do the exercises a million times until Spirit feels that you are ready and you will have an initiation by Spirit, not by me. I am here to hold a torch for you to walk your path. I will remind you of the old ways and everything will seem strangely familiar. Your spirit guides and totems and helpers will come to you now and teach you what you have forgotten. They have prepared this course for you and asked me to walk with you and hold the torch. They will teach you and have told me what to write.
I will also tell you that you must practice, practice, practice. You are very rusty with your skills. The exercises in this course are for practice, not just one or twice but continually until you get all the meaning and all the experience that lies underneath their surface. As you do them over and over you will find other things hidden inside them that I did not talk about. Like a hunter, you must get so good with the bow and arrow, until you are the best hunter in the forest. How can you feed the village if you are not the best? This is where most of my students fall apart. They do not want to do the work.
I value you so much that I use my own life force energy, my own chi that keeps me alive, to build a net beneath you and to protect you until you get strong enough to protect yourselves. I give up my own life because I want so much to see you fulfill your life's purpose and I know that this course gives you the tools and skills to do just that! Even if you don’t remember being a Shaman in a time long ago, it’s OK! Just work with these lessons and gain these abilities to heal yourself and others in the old traditional ways. It’s a win-win situation for you and I want you to win!
Aho ( I speak my truth)
Shaman Elder Maggie
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