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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 87 Package Bombs

So many times we make a choice based on nothing at all. We assume something or we take a chance or we talk ourselves into something or we believe what someone else says. All too often that choice is not a good choice. We choose to believe something with no basis in fact at all, with no foundation, with no real information at all. We let that thing become our reality by choosing to believe in it. It is amazing how sloppily we choose our beliefs and let those beliefs create our reality. A simple distaste for something, a quick decision about how we feel about something, an experience that we didn’t enjoy one time, basically a shot in the dark creates our reality and forms our experiences. How can we be so cavalier with our lives? Is it any wonder that people have dis- ease?

Wouldn’t it be better to not choose anything at all rather than to choose something you know nothing about? Why do we always pick up those mystery packages along our paths? Are we so dissatisfied with what we already have? Yes we are! For most of us, any other package seems more appealing then not having a package at all. We want things. We want diversions and toys and mystery trains and surprises. And what causes this? Desire, dissatisfaction with what we have. After all, what we have now is most likely the result of making choices based on nothing as well. So we go from bad choice to bad choice all our lives. No wonder we have dis-ease.

So how can we end this dis-ease and have a life that does benefit us? By choosing what we believe very carefully. We need to investigate things more thoroughly. We need to consider all choices and their ramifications before we make a choice. We need to be more conscious of what we are doing.  If we have to take days or weeks to understand a situation in order to make a good choice, then take that time because that choice is going to create your reality, maybe even for a long time to come. That package may be a bomb. How are you going to know? By perceiving it. By using your outer and inner senses to perceive that package until you do know what it is. And if you cannot figure out what it is then I suggest you don’t pick it up. Better to walk past fifty pretty packages and not take any of them rather than to pick up one bomb.

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