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Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 88 The Charismatic Power of The Way

When you begin to understand that everything here is the Essence of Creator and that you too are the Essence of Creator you will begin to experience a unity with all of creation both manifest and non- manifest. And in this unity that you can grow to experience, you will find you are freed from labeling, greedy passions, and “shoulds”. This opens the Way. Things begin to happen to you. You do not will them to happen, you allow the Essence of Creator to affect you and of course it will affect you in positive ways. You can become empty of ego and align in the Oneness of Creator.
When you are empty of ego you can then wander freely, with the coming and going, become fluid, become your spiritual self. You will then attain Te which is power and virtue.
Make a place inside yourself for your spirit to reside, to live, and it will come of its own will and take up residence within you.
Cease acting through the ego and begin to act through the Spirit. Let Creator instruct your every action.
Force brings the opposite of what you intend. Just allow, accept and receive.
Throw away good and evil, judgment, and stop thinking so much! Follow no path and you will attain the perfect path of Creator.
The Shaman has an internal quality called nei shang that moves her in and out of the world of time and space. She embraces the WAY, a fertile chase full of the Original Energy, the Esssence of Creator called yuan chi. She has a powerful beneficial influence on her surrounding, the charismatic power of the Way, The Path of Creator.
I have much more that I so very much want to teach you but I can only teach you what you can understand today.

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