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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 84 Healing Audio CDs

New! Personal healing sessions and prayers by a Traditional Elder Shaman for your own specific healing request.

Now for the first time ever, Shaman Elder Maggie will create an audio recording directly to you. It will contain a personal consultation just for you. Whether you suffer from a broken heart or a job loss or depression or sickness of any kind, you can now receive a full audio CD addressed to you and you alone recorded by Shaman Elder Maggie especially for you personally to receive counseling and prayers and even music and mantras that you can listen to anytime you want and play over and over again!
Imagine having your own recording of this Elder Shaman speaking directly to you about your own issues in detail and offering you her healing prayers over and over again every time you listen to your CD! You can sing along with her and pray along with her and receive her Light and Love and encouragement and even specific practices to help yourself reach the level of total health and happiness and abundance!  What a gift!
Perhaps you have a loved one or friend who needs this very special gift of counseling and healing. No one can even get any Traditional Shaman’s time or attention at all for $29.95 and here you will have a personal consultation on CD that you can listen to whenever you want to! Every night before going to bed or every morning when starting your day, you can listen to your own personal CD about your own personal life and be uplifted, inspired, prayed for aloud and receive the courage and joy to tackle another day. Your CD will contain holy sounds and healing words, energy from Creator for your own total healing. Daily listening will bring you total healing so quickly! Now you can have your own counseling session with the power of Creator infused into it to use over and over again for the incredibly low cost of $29.99. This is offered at such a low cost because Shaman Elder Maggie never charges for healing. The cost is what it would cost in time to produce this audio CD to pay for the materials and studio time and to mail it to you with free shipping. Shaman Elder Maggie is not looking to make any money for herself. This is totally her heart felt desire to see you healed and whole and happy. Take advantage of this gift now as she will only be offering these individual customized recordings for a limited time. Each is made specifically for the individual client.  Just click here to order your healing CD now.

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