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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 83 FREE God Course

A FREE course for you to learn the Shamanic truth about Source, Creator, God.
Who Is God?
 What is Creator doing and why isn’t Creator helping you in your life today?
 Is Source just a fiction someone made up for us?
 Find out the Shamanic View of who and what God is and how you can use this information And the practices given in each lesson
To better your own life,
 To bring more abundance into your life
To find more happiness and joy in your life
To create better relationships with others
To learn how to help yourself heal
To see the big picture and why we are here in the first place

We have all been taught conflicting things about Creator. But in this course I give you the truth for the 21st Century. I think we have grown beyond needing a priest or pastor or monk or religious leader in our lives. I think we have come to the place where each of us can clearly be in charge of our own relationship with God in our own way. And here are the facts and practices you can use right now to develop your own relationship with the Source of all good things. These abilities have already been yours. But others have taught you to believe that you cannot go here, that you cannot do this. But I am giving you here, for FREE, the tools and skills and knowledge that as been withheld from you by outside authority figures. I want to see you standing in your own power and making your own choices and living a beautiful abundant life. By taking this Free E-course and learning about God you will find many ways to make your life happy and free and strong and good, for yourself and for others, too!  Invite your friends and family to take this course along with you as well.

This course is based on Shamanic wisdom taught throughout the ages. Take the time to read one short lesson each week for 10 weeks and to try the practices offered here. Just reading this course will change your life. I give this course to you because I want to see this world move up to the next level of spirituality for the 21st century and now is the time for each of us to take authority for our own lives and our own understanding and relationship with Creator God Source individually.
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