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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 70 More About the Course I Offer

You know, when I was called to teach Traditional Shamanism I I was not in a place where I could invite a student to come and live with me for 6 months or a year as I had done with the Shamans of the Yaquis or the healers of southern Russia. Not many students have the time or money to travel the world as I did studying first hand from the True Indigenous Shamans.
So how could I make the teachings available to the most people for the least money? People don't have time for anything today, much less time to practice and study Traditional Shamanism. Yet that is truly what it takes. I was "given" 18 lessons with experiences and exercises that I could offer online. If the student does the work throughout the week and keeps a journal daily, remarkable things begin to happen. The first thing everyone finds is that their own guide or elder will appear and be available for teaching. Actually by making the choice to take this course, you are giving permission to your guides and elders to come to you.
As you study the course, the first thing you learn is balancing your bodies. By balancing your physical, mental and emotional body you create a harmony where you can hear your guides more clearly, where you can get assistance and operate from that assistance. You will have dreams that may have meanings to write in your journal. Experiences will start to be seen from a new perspective. As you study medicine wheels and begin using them to send up your prayers and intentions they will have a new feel to them and with the right intention which we discuss in length you will be manifesting your intentions more quickly.
Then we study the aspects of soul retrieval, soul extraction and healing all the while working on ourselves and reaching that place where we are ready to do the work. Intention and emotion are fully explored and their interrelatedness. In the last three lessons we use visualization to show you a place that you have already created for yourself which contains tools you have gathered through many lifetimes;  Akashic records are there, tomes and staffs and power symbols and more are there for you to re-member and to use again freely. And we prepare you to journey from this place into the Inner Worlds. You can start this correspondence course today at
But I teach you individually because everyone is unique. We develop a working relationship through countless emails together and I walk with you down your own path and I stand with you in your own reality because it is the only way to really learn these ancient practices.  I hold a net of safety for you until you get strong enough to hold that net yourself. And you will progress at your own pace and that is why it is called an apprenticeship.  I welcome you to email me at with any questions or to begin the course today by clicking on the PayPal button at
Please visit my site at and enjoy the myriad of teachings and blessings you will find there.
Aho ( A Yaqui word meaning “ I speak my truth”)
Shaman Elder Maggie

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