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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 69 Why Do I Teach Traditional Shamanism

You are being offered this course to learn Traditional Shamanism. And why was this course given to me to offer to those who seek it? Because, for every dis-ease on this planet there is also a cure. The yin and the yang, the balance in all things is a universal law. And some of the cures are contained only in traditional shamanic healing methods. But Traditional Shamanism is being wiped out by overpopulation, by commerce encroaching on indigenous tribes and the cancerous deterioration of Traditional Shamanism in the name of Christianity over the last 600 years. Traditional Shamanism is dying. Yes, there are many people on this planet today who have been Shamans in previous lifetimes or have some heritage or lineage to it today.
I believe that once a Shaman, always a Shaman. When, in any lifetime, we make the commitment to walk the path of the Shaman,  that commitment comes with us from lifetime to life time. And I know this is true because there are many people out here today who are suffering from physical, mental and emotional pains because they are not following their path as Traditional Shamans. They find me. There is no one else to find out here who is sincere and actually trying to help them re-member their individual tools and skills and abilities that are buried right within their own hearts. They only need someone to shine a light for them.
In the old days we would be reborn into a shamanic society. The shaman there would quickly recognize our shamanic talents and would raise us up to be the Shamans we were meant to be. Bu today we are born into societies that shun shamanism, that tell us to throw away any thought of being a Shaman, that having gifts and skills and tools of a Shaman is sick and disgusting and insane. Who is here to help these people? You cannot just throw away your commitment! Yet you cannot find anyone to help you! And until you do start walking your path, it hurts. You know this is true.
Is it any wonder why Creator called for this course to be created? And yes, every single person who comes to this course receives a life changing gift. If they were not meant to be Shamans they at least see that they are meant to be healers and they have learned some wonderful tools to be healers with. A totem, a medicine wheel , finding one's guides and teachers puts any healer on a wonderful path for growth and fulfillment and joy and healing. And if the student is meant to be a Traditional Shaman, has been a Shaman in a past life or has a lineage to it today, then the gifts they get from this course are astounding! Their whole life takes a direct turn towards their mission in life. The sails billow with a fresh wind and the rudder points true and it is a joy for me to watch them sailing proudly out into the world feeling capable and sure of who they are and ready to bring Traditional Shamanic healing into the world. And this happens for every single student without exception.
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