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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 58 Choosing to be a Victim

All people have free will choice. It is the greatest gift we are given in this life experience. We are accountable for our choices. No one is a victim here. We create our own victimhood by how we react to the things that happen around us and also by the choices we make for ourselves.
A person might decide that they choose to have blackberries. That is what they want to eat. But they don't think about the fact that they then have to go out and find a field of blackberries and crawl through the thorny bushes and pick them and wash them in order to have them. People only see the end result and forget about all the in between parts. So this person who wants blackberries does do the work to go out and find a blackberry patch. That was hard work. Then he sees that the bushes have thorns. Well he wants the blackberries so he starts to pick them and every time he gets a few he gets pricked again. At this point most people give up. It was too hard or too uncomfortable to get what he wanted. And he knows there was still more work. He changed his mind here and chose not to have blackberries because it is too much work.
So he goes home all frustrated and angry. He is angry at the blackberries for being so hard to find and pick. But did the blackberries do anything to anger him? No. They were just being their happy natural selves. He is angry that he got pricked by the thorns. Did anyone force him to get pricked? No he did that himself. He is angry at the thorns. But they were just being themselves, carrying on with their natural state of being. He is angry that he wasted gas in his car to go find the blackberry patch. But did the car make him go there? No, he chose to do this. He is angry that he wasted his time. But it was his choice to want this. So at first he had this marvelous picture of a pile of fresh blackberries to eat and in the end he was injured and angry and had spent time and gas for nothing.
Is this what you are feeling?
It is really good to see all the steps you will have to take to accomplish the choice you are choosing before you ever set out to accomplish it. When we choose something we are choosing all those steps too.  But if you really want something, if you have passion about what you want, you are willing to accept the steps necessary to achieve it. So this man did not have that kind of passion. He obviously didn't want the blackberries that much! Tell me more about what it was you were choosing and how it did not work out for you at
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Shaman Elder Maggie

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  1. I like this Maggie. I am still pondering it. Clive Kelman


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