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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 32 Looking for Spiritual Gifts

Did you ever notice how we are given gifts or blessings when some outside force thinks we are ready for them? I remember struggling so hard to learn the 5 spiritual languages. I wanted to learn them so bad and I kept asking and asking to be taught the languages and I could not. No one would come to my aid. It was like I was forbidden from this knowledge. No one would help me. But several years later when I had almost forgotten about it and had been pursuing other spiritual practices and working on being impeccable in other areas, suddenly I was given the gift of a spiritual language! It came out of the blue, wham! I was shocked and delighted and I asked why now and not way  back then, and the answer was that I was not ready way back then.

So this is how we sometimes learn spiritual things. When we are considered ready to learn them. Don't be concerned when you don't have a certain gift or knowledge. Just keep working on being the best you can be in every area. You will get your gift when you are impeccable enough to receive it and wise enough to use it correctly. That is just the way it is.
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